Society and Culture

Spring 2018

Israel Turns 70: Thinking Back, Going Forward

David Hulme

As Israel marks 70 years of statehood, we asked political scientist and peace negotiator Menachem Klein about his nation’s fulfilled expectations, its missed opportunities, and the road to peace.

Ethics and Morality

Spring 2018

Bridging the Character Gap

Scott Hulme

Are we really as good as we like to think we are? For that matter, are other people as bad as we tend to think they are?

Latest Issue

Winter 2018

Family and Relationships

Spring 2018

3 Keys to a Healthy Social (Media) Life

Gina Stepp

We’ve all seen headlines about the dangers inherent in social media. Is it time to delete all your accounts?

Religion and Spirituality

Winter 2018
The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 23

The Fall of Judah

David Hulme

When the kingdom of Judah fails to heed the final, dire warnings of the prophets, their fate is sealed.

From the Publisher

March 14, 2018
Global Threats, Part 4

Too Many Mouths

David Hulme

Our food supply may well become the greatest challenge of the century. And directly linked to it are dwindling global water reserves. Will we have enough of either to survive? Each of us holds the key.